I was born in Lafayette and have always known that I wanted to become a pilot, so I earned my private pilot license my senior year of high school. I attended the University of Lafayette Louisiana and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology. Afterwards, I decided to go to ATP flight school in Conroe, Texas to finish up all my ratings and decided to come back home to instruct at Owens Flight Training.


I started flying right after high school. I went to college at Northwestern state university and got a general studies degree with an emphasis in aviation. After graduating in 2007, I became an instructor and began instructing at Northwestern. I taught there for about eight months, then moved to Hammond, Louisiana to instruct at Fly By Knight School. After staying there and instructing for two years I moved back to my hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana and I started working for Acadian Ambulance flying charter and medical flights transferring patient's to other hospitals. A year after moving back to Lafayette I started Owens Flight Training, LLC. In December of 2016 I stopped working for Acadian Ambulance and started flying a Piaggio and focusing solely on my school.